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Next steps:

  • The fact that you’re on this page means we have received your reservation and will process it shortly. Your room is reserved. Congratulations! Thank you for trusting us. We are excited to serve you!
  • You’ll receive a reservation conformation email within an hour (probably much sooner) that will have your reservation number and more information.

Shuttle information:

George Bush Intercontinental Airport (IAH)
When you land in IAH, head to Concourse B, Door 103. Pick up and drop off from the shuttle will be in the same place. Call the front desk (281.748.2613) while you are on your way and let us know you’ve landed so we can be looking for you. We can also help direct you to concourse B if you need it.

William P. Hobby Airport
Give us a call to let us know you’ve landed (281.748.2613) and head toward Curb Zone 3. Pickup and drop-off will be in the same place.